We offer services for North America ,Europe ,Australia and UAE.

Yes, we offer amazon selling services from scratch. From account creation, product research, sourcing, launching, sponsored ads(PPC), account management.

Our competitive edge is our trained staff that has been well equipped with industry knowledge as well as e-commerce experience and we have provided all the necessary facilities to have more productive work for our clients.

*Physical office
*Systems with high-end speed internet.
*Communication medians (Skype, what’s app, zoom.
*Tools for optimization like Helium 10, Sonar, etc…
*Product research Jungle scout.

Each account has its own methods of customer services or some other sections as per their store catalog to understand the products. But for amazon or other channels management of the store, listings optimization, ads, handing returns, orders, seller support, customer support, Follow-up cases, FBA Warehouse damage, lost, Shipment discrepancy, our guys are fully hand over on this sections you do not need to train them on these sections.

Yes, we do help with the accounts suspension plan of action especially for account suspensions due to ODR, product condition issues, late shipments.

If you have any specific question get in touch with us!

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